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We’re less than a week away from Maker Faire Detroit.  Tick tock!

Today, we put together two satellites to show and finished planning the display.  Check out the Gallery tab above for pictures.

We’re trying to bring lessons learned from our great experience at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire where we learned a lot about talking to people about satellites.  The first thing we learned was that satellite conversations are longer than we saw last year with our 3D display.  So much longer in fact that many people just reached in for a business card and wandered off.  We’re adding more self-serve information and a more informative take away piece.  That, and well, getting better at bringing people into a conversation already underway.

The second thing we learned was that most people don’t actually know what an ion engine is and that, to most people, “plasma” is a component of blood.  Many children claimed to know what plasma was, but got very confused when we told them we’re making plasma from air and electricity.  Very confused.  Especially confused when they hear plasma is a rocket fuel.  It’s probably best to just tell people what plasma is (in our context) rather than ask if they know already.  It made for some funny moments in hind sight but still, I offer my [grinning] apology to the parents that had awkward conversations afterward.

We hope to see everyone at Maker Faire Detroit where we’ll learn something new!
See us at Maker Faire!


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